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Nicole Marry

Geneticist, Healer and Spiritual Teacher, Nicole Marry is on a mission to unlock your potential so you can live a fulfilled life in all areas. 

Have you realised that you both desire and deserve more in your life? Welcome my friend, you made it here because you have realised that to get what you want you need to take responsibility and that means it all changes when you look inside you & you heal you. 


100% Responsibility = 100% Freedom 

I invite you to live a healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling, passionate and purposeful life – whether that means achieving in business, reigniting your social, romantic or family relationships  or discovering who you really are. Programs with creator soul coaching get to the core issues quickly, dissolving the blocks to your desires becoming manifest in reality. Remember that to change your outer world you must first change your inner world by changing  the perceptions of the subconscious mind. 

Welcome to Nicole’s world of energy psychology. All matter has an energetic imprint and so together we change the energy to change the matter. 

YES, It can be that easy!


Nicole Marry


Who am I ?

I am Nicole Marry, a degreed Geneticist and holistic health practitioner, as well as a mastery level energy healer, spiritual teacher and pHD student of Integrative Medicine.

I have my story, as we all do. The thing is that I am no longer identified by or am no longer creating from this story. I have changed my internal perception of the world. When we do it, we change what the outside is reflecting back to us.

If you are ready to change story the world is showing you


We learn from the past, heal our wounds, shift the epigenetic program running in our mind and body and recreate from the inside out.

Your relationships, your health, your wealth, your fears, your limitations. They come from within you. They have a story. They either came from this lifetime or you inherited the story.


Do you want to empower others? Keep up to date with the latest science on who you are, and why you came here. I share invaluable information with you. Shift from victim to victor.


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