5G VS 5D

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What is better than 5G?  

5G VS 5D 


5G = fast download from the known information in our world that comes with huge health implications. 

5D = immediate download from an infinite source of intelligence that knows everything, can create miracles and comes with the potential for you to be the healthiest most vibrant intelligent version of you imaginable. 

Hmmmm let’s find out more eh 🙂

What is more exciting for you? Create from the known, be limited and potentially get sick, confused and disorientated or tap into infinite possibility and feel unimaginable immense love ?

5G, although carries more information and means faster download speed, what else does it bring? 

Well it has higher band widths of 24 -28 Ghz vs the 4Ghz  that 3G & 4G use now. These band widths come with completely different Electromagnetic frequencies. They are smaller frequencies and bigger band widths. These shorter waves get blocked by walls, buildings, trees, even rain and humidity. They will need billions of antennas vs the 300,000 we have today. 

There will be masts outside our kids school, your house, your parks, everywhere. 

We are electromagnetic beings. We are being of frequency. Our thoughts are quantum particles and we are in constant communication with the world around us. Electromagnetic frequencies interact & interfere with us on every level.   

5G gives us no lag time on our download speed from the internet but completely distorts our ability to download from the 5D. 

What is 5D? Welcome the fifth dimension. WELCOME TO THE PSYCHIC INTERNET 🙂 


We as electromagnetic beings are continually connected to a field of intelligence, it is all pervasive, all knowing and all loving. It sounds pretty cool, right. Why don’t we know about it?

Once you tap into 5D you have the ability to download whatever you want, it knows everything that has ever happened & ever will happen. 

How do I connect? Through brainwave entrainment and focused intention 

5G GIVES YOU THIS: Massive health implications

So we want faster download speed. 

The health implications of this giant uncontrolled experiment, which has scientists, as well as the public, worried are unquestionable. Studies on animals (which may not apply to humans) show that MMW waves cause eye problems such cataracts and other eye damage, heart rate changes, alterations in the function of cellular membranes, suppression of immune function, and much more.

A group of 230 scientists from around the world, who have named themselves the ‘5G Appeal,’ claims that the electromagnetic fields generated by 5G can increase the risk of cancer, affect fertility, and cause neurological disorders, such as learning and memory problems, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

They are demanding that the European Union halt development of 5G until independent studies can be carried out, and they’ve appealed to organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) to “exert strong leadership” in developing protective guidelines.

In the absence of this kind of protection, Mercola suggests plenty of simple methods and devices to help you minimize your exposure to this EMF soup, particularly once 5G is in play.

Using plug in modems and routers, turning your phone to airplane mode, switching to air-tube earphones, purchasing Faraday devices for your phone and smart meter – in other words, turning off your devices’ ability to connect whenever you can – can all go a long way to keeping you safe.

The Internet of Things will create an extraordinary technological revolution. But all of us humans need to make sure that it’s not at our expense.

5D GIVES YOU THIS: THE PSYCHIC INTERNET. What do you need to log on? Your intention

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