The Power of Healing Your Inner Child

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The Power of Healing Your Inner Child

Inner child

Who is your inner child? It is memories of childhood from this lifetime and from others. The memories and perception created until you were 7 years old are the software, they are the programs that are logged into the subconscious mind. You see you need to learn how to operate in this world and that is why the mind was designed in this way. You download into your mind how the world operates. This is why the first 7 years are so important. It is not truth you are downloaded with, it is a perception. Until you are 7 your brain is in delta and theta waves, and the analytical mind does not exist in these waves. It isn’t until 8 years old that your analytical mind kicks in with the introduction of alpha and then beta waves. Your subconscious programs will determine your choices for 93% – 98% of your day so if the perceptions of this child were that it is not worthy, that is ‘bad’, powerless, undeserving, stupid, has a bad memory, has no intuition, it will make choices that reflect these beliefs.

WOW, You’re paying attention now, right?!

It’s hard to watch a child be reared to believe that they are nothing, it’s even worse when this program continues to run for the rest of their life.

Trauma to our inner child can be the root cause of illness, poverty, relationship issues and mental illness, so it’s an area that is incredibly powerful to work on with the theta brainwave. It can also be the cause of infertility and resistance to becoming a parent.

I have reduced the number of clients I work with because instead I want to empower you through teaching you how you heal these memories by working directly with the subconscious in a fast effective manner. As we continue on our evolution, we will uncover beliefs holding us back. So learn for yourself how to shift these beliefs and perceptions.

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