Theta Healing® Foundation Package

ThetaHealing® is a profoundly powerful healing modality. It is a form of energy psychology, connecting you with the Creator/Universal mind or God source energy through the Theta brainwave. Upon connecting, you gain access to your subconscious. Here you can shift beliefs and perceptions in the energy field of the person. When you shift beliefs and release any wrong meaning held in the unconscious of the mind, you can release self-sabotaging behaviours and finally achieve your goals in health, relationships, finances and life purpose. When you are embracing life from an empowered place you are more likely to contribute to society in a meaningful way. 

You see, learning this modality not only gives you the tools to work on yourself, but at the same time qualifies you as a practitioner, ready to serve others. Win. Win. Win. 

The more you give, help and serve, the more abundant you become. It is encoded in the laws of the Universe, which you will learn about in these 3 transformative courses. 

As a geneticist, I am astonished at the epigenetic shifts made with ThetaHealing®, though it encompasses so much more. Take the journey, or as I like to say, the red pill and see for yourself!


In these 3 classes you will learn

  • How to access the subconscious mind for healing 
  • How to scan the human body for energetic blocks 
  • Applied Kinesiology to see what beliefs are held in the subconscious
  • How your beliefs are creating your reality
  • How to ‘dig’ for a root or core belief
  • Seeing your possible future, and how to change it
  • Mediumship – Ancestral readings
  • Angel Readings
  • Higher Self readings
  • The secret to manifesting through ThetaHealing® – create what you want in your life now
  • Learn and receive a 12-strand DNA activation, and the Youth & Vitality gene activation

Dig Deeper

Discover & Learn to:

Understand your behaviour

Get to the origin of an Issue

Confidently know ‘the bottom belief’

Release deep subconscious blocks

How to be skilled at digging

Online Class

12 – 13  Dec

8.30am – 2.30pm CET

Prerequisites: Basic & Advanced


Manifesting & Abundance

Discover & Learn to:


Manifesting Downloads in a Theta State

How blocks on abundance are seldom about money

Remove your abundance blocks

Divine Timing

Remembering your Future

How to create your future 

Bless your money


Online Class

2 – 3 January 2020

12noon – 6pm CET

Co Teacher: Katie Brayne

Prerequisites: Basic, Advanced, DigDeeper


Foundation Package

Basic DNA class ( TBC )

Advanced DNA class  (TBC)

Dig Deeper class (TBC)



Non-refundable deposit €300

Additional €300 to be paid before the start of each course



Online Classes



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