motherhood 2020: a new vision of the 4 trimesters

Motherhood 2020 

A transformational look at pregnancy, birthing & postpartum for the new paradigm of parenting.

Inspirational vs informational Workshop 

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  • Where fear comes from ( fear vs faith )
  • How our Ancestors influence our experience of all 4 trimesters
  • How our subconscious perception colours our experience
  • The spiritual causes of pregnancy and birth pain
  • The impact of your own birth story
  • How to connect with your unborn child 
  • The impact of connecting to your unborn child
  • Understand your baby as a sovereign being 
  • How to give birth with grace, love and embodied wisdom versus a head loaded with heavy knowledge 
  • Postpartum techniques to nourish & support you 


Do you feel pressured to follow social ‘norms’ when it comes to parenting, but feel intuitively that there could be an alternative way?
Perhaps that there could be something more for both you and your child?
It’s time to take a revised look at birth, baby and motherhood!


  • Peer pressured birthing & labour options
  • Forcing an outcome
  • White washing birth fears
  • Numbing the bodies conversation
  • Birthing a baby
  • Baby is an unconscious being


  • Intuitive “feeling” based choices
  • Understanding all the options 
  • Healing ancestral & genetic trauma 
  • Body whispering 
  • Realigning belief systems
  • Birthing a spirit
  • Baby is a conscious being 

The mystical and magical (but also very real) experience of birth and motherhood has many beliefs, fears and ‘facts’ surrounding it. Preparing to become a mother, whether your first or fifth under the 2020 consciousness means we have the opportunity of opening up to a whole new empowering parenting paradigm. It’s time to live INSPIRIT rather than simply INFORMED. Right now we are awakening in a world where we realise that illness and disease later in life, actually can be linked to the first 4 trimesters in life. This workshop offers spiritual and practical tools on how to have a meaningful pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience that honours your history, releases patterns and fears, and opens up a communication channel with your child’s spirit, all to give you courage as you embark on this new role. 


MOTHERHOOD 2020: A 3 part workshop

Part 1: Releasing fears around Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting

As women, we are told that pain, fear and even fights are normal parts of pregnancy, birth and parenting. We are told that babies are just babies without considering their consciousness and individual journeys.


In this 1.5hours Nicole will help you experience a connection with your child’s spirit and unlock limiting beliefs, past traumas and pain, therefore allowing you to enter a clear space where the experience can become effortless and intuitive.

Part 2: Nature as our every guiding mother and advisor

With Isa, we will explore what is really needed to FORGET in order to be able to surrender deeply to the process. The crucial and supportive way to motherhood doesnt seem so obvious sometimes, but nature isnt stupid. Let’s wake up to your intuitive self! Find out more about why natural birth is almost always a safe and healthy process and how to give birth with grace and love.


This precious time of our lives gives us the possibility of remembrance and reestablishment of trust in the natural flow of things. The whole process as a new family can feel like a re-birthing of ourselves making it even more magical as we follow natural approaches to birthing & breastfeeding. There can be space for our baby to teach us and lead the way, making the baby the actual midwife. You will find out why and how this huge epiphany changed Isa’s perception as a mother and midwife completely.

Part 3: Looking upon Birth as a Rite of Passage & Postpartum as a Sacred Celebration

Much time and care are spent preparing for the birth. 

But what about after birth? 

Postpartum – or the 4th trimester is traditionally a well honored time, looked upon as a period where mama and baby are equally treated with extra special care and attention. 

How we start off our postpartum can often determine our health and well-being for many months, even years to come.


We will discuss 5 techniques that have been used for thousands of years across cultures for after birth care.  These techniques offer a gentle, loving approach for aiding with the healing and recovery of a woman’s emotional, physical, mental and spiritual body. 



These women’s practices encompass: 

Cleansing – Closing – Warming – Connecting & Honoring. 

There is no better time to prepare for the 4th trimester than when you are close to the birth process or planning for a first or your next child. 

Motherhood 2020 is for you if you are pregnant, a new mom, planning on having a 1st or 2nd child and want to prepare for a sacred birth & postpartum.

Open to both women and their partners/caregivers. 





A german trained midwife, a natural birthing expert and mother of her son Laya who grows up free and in nature in the Maia Earthvillage community  on Palawan island in the Philippines!

Discover with ISA:

  • What it is that you really need to understand about pregnancy, birth & postpartum to be able to relax into the process.
  • That nature has an amazing plan and it really isn`t stupid!
  • Who is the real midwife? –  A paradigm shift in who to trust the most
  • How to give birth with grace, being empowered and in love with the journey



Nicole is Spiritual Geneticist & Quantum Health Coach leading new paradigm parenting & the rainbow children revolution.


Experience with Nicole

  • The effect of the subconscious on your birth journey
  • How your babies spiritual connection effects you physically
  • The release of deeply unconscious fears
  • Connecting to your babies spirit 
  • A liberating journey that will bring more harmony to your romantic and parental relationships! 



Clarity is a Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Transformative Artist, Trained Education for Life Facilitator and Mom to 2 year old Kalani.  


Practice with Clarity

  • 5 Traditional women’s techniques for healing, warming, cleansing, closing & re-connecting.
  • 4th trimester as a sacred experience and birth as a rite of passage.
  • Food as a role in postpartum recovery.
  • Slowing down the mind as a new mom – meditation
  • Self care rituals and routines
  • Open discussion

Motherhood 2020: A new vision on the 4 trimesters is taking place under the October new moon 2020, thereby harnessing this powerful time to illuminate the ancient wisdom that can now be explored with new lenses of perception. We would like to share this space with you to take a look at a new paradigm in parenting.



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