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What is quantum manifesting

What is Quantum Manifesting ?

I am so happy to have you ask! Let’s see if QM is for you!
QM is an online program designed to unmanifest all that isn’t in your hearts desire and to make manifest that which is,  in other words, we want to release the negative pattern or story that isn’t serving you so you can have what you truly want!  Let’s stop the pattern of negative relationships, or no romance, too much fear or no money and lets recreate these stories. Often time we get identified with these patterns and think we are stuck this way and that we are the only one therefore leading us to criticise and ostracise ourselves. Do you think you are the only one with the same behavioural pattern that you can’t seem to break?
Oh no, you got company my friend! And here you have good company, you see this is a pillar of QM, we understand the self deprecating inner voice, and that is why we are so keen on providing a supportive community so you can go easy on yourself and for you to receive the support that you so readily give to others.  For us here at QM, community is key. When somebody believes in you, that you can do it, whatever it is, you have tapped into a secret weapon of mass creation!

What do we do in QM?

Twice a week there is teachings about the universal laws, about human challenges, about mis perceptions and subconscious programs. We explore our unconscious motivators and blocks to living our dream and through very fast and effective methods we reprogram the beliefs, perceptions and programs in the subconscious. Did you know that around 93 – 99% of your day is created from the subconscious? Yeah, now you see why working on this level is so crucial.
Each month in QM we have a theme within which we explore the ‘how to’ of manifesting. Beginning Sep 19th with the theme being Creation.
We will explore what it means to create by looking at the following:
* The law of Creation
* Principles of Creation (gratitude as a principle)
* The electromagnetic Nature of creation
* What is Co – Creation?
* What do I need in order to be a conscious creator?
* Resonance, do you see what I see?
* If I am co creating, then why did I create _____?
* All this and more such as Free will, karmic debt, divine timing, synchronisties and swimming upstream.
If you are sick of hearing about the law of attraction and you find yourself frustrated and wondering ‘HOW DO I CREATE WHAT I WANT?’ then I invite you to join us. We will address all the questions you have including do I need the right incense, a certain moon phase, a certain level of solar activity, the right mantra, the right rock or crystal, the enlightened guru, or to sit for an unimaginable amount of time alone in a cave? Actually maybe I need to rub a lucky leprechaun or chase him to the end of the rainbow in the astral plane? Is it that to create my dreams I need ‘good karma’? or blind faith? What do we need to create the inner desires we long for?
Bring all your questions and dreams and get ready to play.
Early bird price until Sept 15. Register at https://www.boyandobrev.com/quantummanifesting
See you soon🙂




How does my beliefs affect me?

If you perceive your environment to be stressful, you start the biochemical pathways for stress. You read genes that prepare you for this environment.  For how your beliefs affect you read here  and for more how your perception can be wrong read here

So, now that I know, epigenetics and perceptions is the key to my health and my reality, how do I change it?

Hi, I am Nicole Marry, the CEO of the Creator Soul Institute. Thank you for being here ! Are you ready to create your world ?

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Our thoughts are mainly controlled by our subconscious, which is largely formed before the age of 7, and you cannot change the subconscious mind by just thinking about it. That’s why the power of positive thinking will not work for most people. The subconscious mind is like a CD player. Until you change the disc, the program will not change.” Bruce Lipton 

When our perception of our environment has created disease in our biology, how can we identify and alter this perception to facilitate healing and maintain wellbeing?

You have been downloading perceptions since you were in utero and continued untill you were 7. During this time your brain was in theta. It was hypnosis. Theta is the operating system. We need to get back into the operating system. We need to see how the mind believes and then we need to get into the operating system to change.

I use theta healing, an energy psychology method.  Read here  for how theta healing works.


“When people finally understand the significance of epigenetics, (the science by which perception and environment control our biology) they will become the free creators they were meant to be.” Bruce Lipton 

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What do we do in QM?



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