I am Nicole Marry, the founder of Creator Soul Coaching where we thrive at unlocking your potential through personal healing and teaching. The programs at CSC are designed for those who are ready to build a future that leaves a legacy.  Coaching, healing and meditation packages with us involve epigenetic healing, spiritual teachings, mind reprogramming and soul alignment for your accelerated growth so you can show up in the world.

Being a mastery level energy healer, a degreed Geneticist and a PHD student of Quantum University, I implement and teach the latest techniques and science  for rapid healing and transformation.



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“You are destined to revolutionize the world.”

— Nicole Marry

Welcome home. I’m delighted that you found your way here. This is for you if you know you are on a mission to live, grow and fulfill your purpose and thereby change the world by creating your own reality. However, most people feel trapped and don’t know how to break free from the prison of conditioning. It’s real and it’s intense. It can literally feel like your life depends on your breakthrough. For the visionaries of the new world, it actually does. 

This is what I am here to assist you with. You know that you have the potential to be a powerful Creator Soul but you are not showing up the way you want to. You have come here to ignite the future, to change the world for the next generations to come. For me to be able to help you, I’ve asked the questions, I seeked support, I invested, I showed up. I have mentors. We are all standing on the shoulders on the ones who have come before us and today is your opportunity to become one of those and others will be able to lean on. 

I combine my knowledge of the quantum field, epigenetics, emotional intelligence, spiritual teachings  and energy healing so you can step onto the timeline of health, success & abundance.

Creator Soul Healing Package

2 sessions per month
6 Theta Healing Session









– €1,444 –

Creator Soul Starter Package

2 sessions per month
1 Vision Sessions 90-mi
4  Creator Soul Sessions 90-mi
1 Embody Sessions 90-mi





– €2,888 –

Creator Soul Business Package

2 sessions per month
1 Vision Sessions 90-min
4 Creator Soul Sessions 90-min
1 Embody Session
(Payment plans available)


– €8,888 –


Financial Problems

Your relationship with money has nothing to do with money.

We healed the issues that money is reflecting for you and open you up to an abundance mindset

Repetitive Patterns - Parental Fears

You unconsciously repeat behaviours that you have downloaded as a child from your primary care givers and society.

We break the cycle and show your mind a new way.

Low self worth - Confidence

Are you constantly criticising yourself? Each thought is very real and can be detrimental to your desires becoming manifest.

If your ancestors, parents or peers constantly criticised you then you will be your own biggest critic.

Eating Disorders & addictions

Food is a great distraction for many things such as not living up to your full potential or we use it to supress the past sexual or emotional abuse.

There is also ancestral trauma of famine and war that needs to be resolved to set you free.

Anxiety and Emotional turbulence

Often anxiety is a fear of the future and depression is being stuck in the past. We are not living in the present moment.

We find what happened in the past that is keeping you on high alert or having you go up and down.


Fear is an illusion and also a story. It stems from somewhere. Most of the time we are unaware where our fear comes from.

We find what you are really afraid and why and then true mind reprogramming set your mind free


  • “Nicole is amazing at what she does a true healer who gets to the heart of an issue and clears it on a very deep level! After a session with her I manifested a new career opportunity and opened up to more abundance I would highly recommend working with her.”

    Pooja Thaleswhar
  • “I’ve been having the best time with Nicole. I’m so happy I chose to do Theta healing with her, she came highly recommended by a close friend. She’s such a nice, understanding, available, powerful person. She has such a sweet soul and her energy is amazing. Go with your eyes closed! Thanks for all your help, I appreciate you.”

    Lena Roberts Marketing Director
  • “Nicole’s language is Love. Her words come from her heart and flow into your ears like a delightful melody that will sooth all the part of you. For a few months, she guides me on a journey where all is fun and light is all. Her magic attitude holds me in a space of elevated vibrations, somewhere out of earth where it is all about beauty and ease. Very talented at connecting with the deepest truth of who you are, she will offer you clear guidance without any judgement in order to help you become the very best version of yourself. With her, the fears become the playground of a new self that only accepts joy, pleasure and true love.”

    Hera Laskri
  • “Nicole is so friendly and compassionate. She is beyond attentive as she reads energy and emotions easily. She’ll gently and lovingly makes the person feel like they’re the most important thing in the world, while maintaining impeccable ethics and professionalism. I truly felt I was in good hands no matter what. I had profound healings with her and recommend her to anyone who is searching for magical transformation, new hope, and healing.”

    Asrar Mousli Graphic Designer
  • “That was such an inspiring seminar, rich in content. In the words of Jules Vernes: In 4 hours around the world (of beliefs). The interacting of Boyan and Nicole was so amazing as if they have done seminars for years. They love and live what they communicate, you feel it, you sense it. I’m thankful I could participate.”



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